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National Dog DayHip Hop MonthMichael JacksonNew Releases
Craig & Fred : a Marine, a stray dog, and how they rescued each other
Communicating with your dog : twenty magic words
The ultimate encyclopedia of dogs, dog breeds & dog care
Oogy : the dog only a family could love
Dog-friendly dog training
101 adorable breeds dogs
Marley & me life and love with the world
Choosing the perfect dog for you and your family
The complete dog owner
Dogsmart : the ultimate guide for finding the dog you want and keeping the dog you find
The encyclopedia of the dog
When the beat was born : DJ Kool Herc and the creation of hip hop
The roots of rap : 16 bars on the 4 pillars of hip-hop
What is hip-hop?
Hip-hop greats
Hip hop speaks to children : a celebration of poetry with a beat
Hip-hop : a short history
Know what I mean? : reflections on hip hop
The hip hop generation : young Blacks and the crisis in African American culture
The spoken word revolution : slam, hip-hop & the poetry of a new generation
Michael Jackson searching for Neverland / [DVD] :
Who was Michael Jackson?
Motown 25 : yesterday, today, forever [videorecording]
Michael Jackson : king of pop
Michael Jackson : ultimate music legend
Michael Jackson
The 6:20 man : a thriller
Portrait of an unknown woman
The blood is on your hands:Poems against gun violence
The final strife : a novel
Fake it till you bake it
Asking for a friend
Soul cure : how to heal your pain and discover your purpose
A duke, the spy, an artist, and a lie
American royalty : a novel
Off script
The catch : a novel
Mother country : a novel
The Hotel Nantucket : a novel
Grace under fire
The friendship pact : a novel
D'Vaughn and Kris plan a wedding
The lifestyle
Fool me once
Good husbands
Tracy Flick can't win : a novel
It takes a villa
Beauty and the baller
Remarkably bright creatures : a novel
The lost summers of Newport : a novel
The German wife
Part of your world
Goodbye again
Nobody's princess
The nanny game
The ultimate quest
Awesome Dog 5000
The Hawaiian heist
The Raven heir
Mrs. Bacon is fakin'!
Spy school revolution
The fallen queen
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
The shadow crosser
TBH, no one can ever know
TBH, too much drama
Thea Stilton and the Black Forest burglary
The Sea of Always
Lights, camera, danger!
TBH, I feel the same
The Game Master : mansion mystery
The trials of Morrigan Crow
The missing movie
The Princess in Black and the perfect princess party